A downloadable game for Windows

Title : Sacrifeed

Description : A game were you play an aztech golem who needs to sacrifice monster as an energy source. Use your hook hands to capture enemies or climb walls.

Theme : When we were making the game, we tried to find a simple game mechanic that can be use in a multitude of way. So we ended up with hook hands that you can use to climb walls, grab enemies, throw enemies and propulse yourself. But we also tried to make everything else have another purpose. Your time is your life, the enemies try to hurt you be you also need to collect them, sacrificing enemies make you progress in the game but also give you life back, you can grab enemies but you can also throw them on another one to kill them.

Controls :

W/A/S/D, Right Click, Left Click

Joystick Left, Joystick Right, Left Trigger, Right Trigger

Platform : Windows

Third-party Resources : Unity

Credits :

Damien Laplante, 3D Artist

Olivier Charon, Animateur

Antoine Berthiaume Dutil, Programmer

Hugo Bombai, Programmer, Sound Designer

Axel Garcia, Programmer

Jean Claisse, Sound Designer

Pierre Gachard, Level Design

Sébastien Héroux-Lefebvre, Additional Help


Sacrifeed.zip 31 MB